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         Guangdong Jin Youchun suy plastics Co., Ltd, founded in 2002, after ten years of development and efforts, we now has developed a new multi-functioned household product "laundry sink" "We have our own brand such as "Jin Youchun" , "xanmeike" "JINYOCO" and so on,untill now we have more than 10 distributors all around the world due to its high quality , competitiv...【View details
Target for policyPolicy object refers to the agent to sign an agency agreement with the company.Agent: Guangzhou JINYOUCHUN Electronic technology Co., Ltd., authorized (authorization procedures include: certificate of authorizatio...【View details

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The national free service hotline: 13798122968 address: guangzhou tianhe district, guangdong province ling road plaza, 308-309

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